Brian K. Palmer


​Brian is a Filmmaker and we are honored that he will be joining us in a very important capacity in the production of our new Feature Length Documentary Film...

The Children of Diabetes...Needles, Pumps and Finger sticks.

A Feature-Length Documentary Film by Charlie Cherry

These are the children of Diabetes...their Lives, their Challenges, and their Triumphs.

The entire Cast & Crew are personally and directly impacted by Diabetes.

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Brian, Alycia, Taylor and Breanna (Type 1)

On today's show, we have studio full of fun. Breanna, age 9, her twin sister Taylor, and their wonderful blended family. Breanna was diagnosed last August with Type one Diabetes.

Listen as Breanna and her family share the emotional roller-coaster they have been on for the last 10 months. In spite of these challenges, this family manages to keep a great sense of humor and positive, up-beat attitude, as they smile their way through the incredible learning curve that is Type one Diabetes.

In most ways, this is a tragically common Diabetes story. However, this story has a unique twist. Brian, Mom's significant other, found himself in the middle of learning how to help care for a newly diagnosed Type one child.

While learning how to test Breanna's  blood sugar, each family member practiced on themselves. That's when Brian discovered he had very high glucose levels. It was assumed that he had Type 2 Diabetes, so the Doc sent him home with a testing kit. He monitored BG levels for a few months, and his sugar numbers continued to rise.

Just two weeks ago, it was determined that Brian is actually a Type one Diabetic. Imagine that... 2 Type one Diabetics, in a blended family, diagnosed only months apart, with no genetic connection.

Listen to their intriguing family story...


Type one 9 year old and her family

...A Type one story with a twist!