This time capsule will be opened when a cure for Diabetes is found

'Spring Rocky Mountains' -1934-

Sir Frederick Banting was a talented artist 

Wilbur R. Franks

at the University of Toronto’s Banting and Best Medical Institute with his anti-g suit design, the first to see combat.

The Quest

A Movie About the Discovery of Insulin

Captain Frederick Banting

-Decorated WW 1 Veteran-

The Banting House

Charlie Best and Sir Frederick Banting, with one of the hero dogs who made it all possible

This is where history was made, and forever changed the lives of millions

This is the very room where the idea for insulin was born

Mr. Grant Maltman, Curator

Banting House National Historic Site of Canada 

Canadian Diabetes Association

London Ontario Canada

Grant Maltman is a graduate from The University of Western Ontario and has nearly 25 years experience in the cultural resource management and heritage presentation field. His journey started at Sir Frederick G. Banting Secondary School when, as a student, he presented the Canadian Diabetes Association with a cheque from the student body for the development of Banting House museum. Drawn to the diverse collection Banting House held, the history and the impact of the discovery of insulin on the world, it seemed a worthy project for the student body to support. He has proudly served as the curator of Banting House National Historic Site of Canada for the last 20 years. In addition to securing the designation of Banting House as a national historic site, he served as a historical consultant for the Royal Canadian Mint’s coin commemorating Banting as Canada’s first Nobel Prize recipient and the CBC production, The Greatest Canadian Contest. Grant enjoys sharing stories on the life and career of Sir Frederick Banting, the discovery of insulin and the Canadian Diabetes Association’s stewardship of this international treasure and symbolic site of hope in the fight against diabetes.

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Fascinating story of Sir Frederick Banting's discovery of  insulin