On today's show, Charlie shares his thoughts upon returning home from his 40 year high school class reunion. (Oh my!)

Then, Charlie, Chris, Theresa and Chris are joined via phone by Rodney Miller.

Rodney is a Type 1 Diabetic, as well as a Competitive Strongman who resides in Midland, Texas with his wife Suzanne, daughter Kiera, and two Great Danes, Eisen and Fergus. He uses his sport to bring more awareness and advocacy to the Diabetic community. Having dealt with Type 1 for the last 28 years, Rodney has a unique perspective on the disease. Rodney's mantra of "Diabetes doesn't define who I am as a person" promotes a sense self-empowerment in others. When Rodney isn't lifting cars or picking up large stones, he is a petroleum landman in the oil and gas industry. Having spent 10 years working and negotiating in a high-risk field such as this takes a resiliency that he attributes to his years of dealing with a 24/7 disease. Rodney also provides training programs and performance-based nutrition for clients all over the United States.

Coming soon...

Look for his documentary on what it is like to be an athlete and a diabetic. 

Rodney Miller

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Rodney Miller

"Diabetes doesn't define me as a person.
I am a Strongman Competitor that has Diabetes...
I am not a Diabetic that does Strongman".

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