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​​​On today's show, it's all about your kidneys. We are honored to have, in studio, Dr. Samuel A Kantor. 

Dr. Kantor completed his medical training at MCP/Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, PA. He then pursued a fellowship in Nephrology at Drexel  University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA, and served as Chief Nephrology fellow.

Dr. Kantor was a Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at the College of Community Health Sciences at the University of Alabama.

Dr. Kantor is now a Partner at the Nevada Kidney Disease and Hypertension Centers in Las Vegas, NV.

He has served on the Speaker Bureaus of Abbott Laboratories and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.  Dr. Kantor is board certified in Nephrology since 2003.

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Dr. Samuel A Kantor, MD

Everything you ever wanted to know about how

Diabetes affects your kidneys...

but were afraid to ask

Dr. Samuel A Kantor, MD