Chris Daniel is in the house!

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​​On today’s DiabetesPowerShow.com podcast, Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, and Theresa Moore are joined, IN STUDIO by CHRIS DANIEL! Thats right…Chris Daniel is IN THE HOUSE! It’s been a long time since Chris was live and in person with us. With all 4 of us in the studio, the vibe was palpable. 

We had a great discussion about keeping a balanced life, and how it impacts your Diabetes in a very positive way. 

Yes, insulin and other meds are very important. Technology is very important. Exercise is very important. Diet is very important. But a well-balanced life has a profound impact on all of these things…Enjoy!

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The whole team

Chris, Charlie, Theresa, Lori, Chris

All together at Chris and Theresa's support group.


'Adult Diabetes Education and Management Support Group'