A very young Patrick with his father, Dr. Peter Sheehan

Nadège Sheehan, PH.D
Co-Founder / President

Dr. Peter Sheehan, MD

Patrick Sheehan
Executive Director



Peter Sheehan Diabetes Care Foundation



Nadège Sheehan, Ph.D and son ​Patrick Sheehan​

Patrick Sheehan is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College, where he focused his studies on Biomedical Engineering. From a young age, Patrick’s father, Dr. Peter Sheehan, a pioneer of T2D prevention and management, actively engaged him in his work in addressing the crisis relating to diabetes, its complications, and obesity. While finishing up his third year of college, his father’s sudden passing sparked his dedication to continue his father’s legacy, by co-founding the Peter Sheehan Diabetes Care Foundation. Working alongside his mother and many of his father’s former colleagues, Patrick is passionate about promoting his father’s philosophy, that prevention is the best approach to curbing the diabetes epidemic.

Short bio about PSDCF:
The Peter Sheehan Diabetes Care Foundation seeks to reduce the incidence of T2D, while improving the lives of those already afflicted with the disease. We seek to improve T2D care and prevention for at-risk populations, educate communities to prevent the onset of T2D and the complications, and organize forums for scientific ideas exchange to further the understanding of T2D. PSDCF is passionate about taking on the global T2D epidemic, by empowering communities with the necessary tools to manage and improve their health.

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Dr. Peter Sheehan, MD

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Our current activities:

    •    Sheehan Population Health Initiative: 
    ◦    projects in Chinatown NYC (our initial project), Seneca Nation, Jamaica, Russia
    ◦    We are partnering with University of Buffalo Center for Integrated Global Health Sciences and SUNY Global Health Institute to provide data analytical support
    ◦    Purpose: PSDCF works with culturally competent clinics in order to effectively deliver patient-centered health care services that meet the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of patients. We support patient care teams to help formulate personalized plans of care and improve patient motivation and self-management. We support the use of EMR for collection of evidence-based population health data to drive the use of risk prediction tools and assist doctors in decision-making. We support population-specific academic studies on the efficacy of diabetes medication. We support the use of telemedicine and outpatient services to ease patient access to care and improve the efficacy of plans of care

    •    Cuba Scientific Exchange Program: March 29-April 3rd, 2016
    ◦    PSDCF will send a team of five leading U.S. doctors in the field of diabetes to Cuba to meet with a team of eight Cuban physicians and to visit labs and health facilities around the country

    •    Diabetes Prevention Education
    ◦    Currently organizing projects at Dartmouth College (April 23rd, 2016) and Puerto Rico (projected for August-September, 2016) to address diabetes from 'teenager to grandfather’ - a community approach that engages multiple generations of a family

    •    Inaugural Diabetes Complications: Prevention & Management Conference in NYC on August 5-6, 2016
    ◦    The mission is to create the open discussion of present and future developments in the biology, treatments, and technology involved in diabetes. 
    ◦    http://www.dcpmconference.org

    •    15th annual Wound Healing: Science & Industry Conference in Puerto Rico in February 2017 (my father founded the conference in 1999)
    ◦    The mission is to update practicing, research, and industry scientists on the timeliest advances in wound healing. 
    ◦    http://www.woundhsi.org