On today's show, it’s all about the impact of Diabetes on the Hispanic- Latino community. To help us with this important topic, we welcome Dr. Felipe Gomez. 

Dr. Gomez is a physician with well over 40 years experience in medicine. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at University Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine in McAllen, Texas. He is passionate about all things medical, but especially issues that affect the Hispanic-Latino population. 
He was born in Mexico, and attended medical school in Mexico City, before coming to the United States. 

He has seen first-hand the ravages of Diabetes upon the Hispanic-Latino population. This makes him extremely passionate, as he practices in a very large Hispanic-Latino area within the United States. He has extensive knowledge on what needs to be done to fight the war on Diabetes. As a physician, and a member of the Hispanic-Latino community, Dr. Gomez takes great care of this at-risk population.

Dr. Felipe Gomez 

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Taking on Diabetes

in the

Hispanic-Latino Community