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More about Dr. Prabhu

Dr. Prabhu graduated from Calcutta University and completed his post graduate training at Mt. Sinai Hospital Services, City Hospital Center at Elmhurst, New York. He is a board certified Pulmonologist.

He moved to Las Vegas in 1979 and brought new skills and talent to the community.

He founded the Lung Institute of Nevada and brought Sleep Medicine and Laser Bronchoscopy to Las Vegas.

Dr. Prabhu founded Red Rock Medical Group, the largest multi-specialty group in Nevada, with the sole purpose of providing complete care under one roof to patients.

He is currently serving as Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine.

Dr. Prabhu is very active in politics. He served as President of Indian American Forum for Political Education. This is a national organization, and the voice of 1.2 million Indian Americans. He Served as Chairman of Can-Do Organization, an umbrella organization that represents the interest of over 90,000 Asian Americans in Clark County.

Dr. Prabhu is known as a philanthropist. He donated generously to American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Victims of Oklahoma City bombing, 9 -11, Hurricane Francis, India Earth Quake, etc...

Every year, Dr. Prabhu and his group deliver close to one million dollars worth of free care to indigent patients at U.M.C. 

Rachakonda D. Prabhu, M.D.

Theresa, her dad Randy, and his new puppy 'Mr. Buddy'.

Mr. Buddy was demanding Randy's attention, and can be heard in the background on today's show.

On today’s, Charlie, Chris, Theresa, Chris and Guests, talk about Sleep Apnea, the not-so-silent killer. To help guide us through this disturbing, and all too common health issue, and it’s effects on people with Diabetes, we welcome, live in studio, Dr. R D Prabhu. 
Dr. Prabhu is a seasoned medical doctor with over 40 years of experience. He is a noted specialist in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine, and sleep medicine.

He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

As the Director of The Sleep Center of Nevada, Dr. Prabhu has a very special interest in sleep medicine, because of the tremendous impact sleep has upon the overall health of his patients.

CPAP Therapy

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Sleep Test

A Proper Diagnosis is Critical 

Sleep deprivation caused by sleep apnea is responsible for thousands of accidents every year.


Sleep Apnea...
​The not-so-silent killer

The "STOPBANG" Test for Sleep Apnea