Charlie Cherry (Type 2 Diabetes), Lori Cherry (Type 3 Diabetes), and Chris Daniel (Type 1 Diabetes) have been the voices of the popular podcast DiabetesPowerShow for more than 10 years. This Podcast is the longest running and the number one downloaded Diabetes-related podcast in the world. The library of DPS shows have been downloaded millions of times by people from all around the world. They have had hundreds of special guests from a vast array of backgrounds, including Medical Professionals, Entertainers, Athletes, Musicians, Actors, Writers, Authors, and everyday people living with Diabetes. These people all have one thing in common…they have Diabetes, have family members with Diabetes, or have dedicated their lives to helping people who have Diabetes. There are many people over the years, both on-air and behind the scenes, who have helped make the show what it is today.

Our Motto is “We are here to help people with Diabetes live a life full of Power, Passion and Positive Possibilities”. 

Charlie (Producer/Co-Host) is an audio recording engineer, who started in the music business many years ago. He studied music at Arizona State University, and audio engineering at Full Sail University in Florida. He has recorded many great music artists, and for 30 years has produced promotional content for companies of all types. Charlie was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 13 years ago, and his search for information proved a challenge. This was the motivation to take advantage of podcasting, a new technology at the time, to inform and inspire other people to live a better life with Diabetes. 

Lori, Charlie’s wife, jumped on board with full support. She has what we here at DiabetesPowerShow call Type 3 Diabetes…a loved one, family or friend, of a person with Diabetes. Knowing Charlie has a family history of Diabetes, she made it her business to learn all she could about the disease. She studied English at BYU, and uses her skills on the website, correspondence, and press releases pertaining to It is her voice that you hear at the beginning of every episode. DiabetesPowerShow V2.0 welcomes Lori as a full-time Co-Host.

Chris believes in "Empowerment" by helping to educate people with Diabetes and their families. He is constantly looking to help pave the way for those affected with Diabetes to live a better life. As an original Co-Host on DiabetesPowerShow, his passion shines through. Chris was diagnosed with Type 1 while serving a two-year service mission, as a young adult, in London, England. He has a "real world" perspective into effectively managing Diabetes, and shares his wonderful ideas to best control the disease. Chris has many years of experience as a Diabetes Care Specialist, and lives in beautiful Orem, Utah. He is a certified pump trainer, and is involved with numerous Diabetes support groups and expositions. Chris is an avid outdoorsman, and often shares his adventures with our listeners. If he isn’t scuba diving (exploring a sunken ship), he is skiing down a mountain, or scaling and repelling 200 foot rocks. Chris is an amazing example of pursuing activities that most people think impossible, for a person with Type 1 Diabetes. He truly loves life, and is excited to share his experience in dealing with Diabetes.

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